Thursday, 21 December 2017

My Experience Criminal GTB Bank Today.


-I arrived at the Igbophobic bank at exactly 12:12pm due to my tight schedule today (20/12/2017).

-I was too occupied with assignments today that I nearly missed my major project of the day (which is the closing down of my GTB Bank account in solidarity with Innoson company).

-I first drove down to one of the known branch, sighting much cue, I decided to look for less crowded branch. But to my surprise, there were much customers today!

I went into one branch, moved directly to the customer center. I waited until I was called upon to sit down by a well dressed and pretty looking damsel. I thought he must be a Biafran. As I was gathering myself for the outpouring of my vexatious mind on her idiotic employer, she smiled angelically to me and said "welcome sir, how do I help you sir".

"Well, I am here to close my accounts with your Igbophobic Bank. The accounts are current and savings accounts... Your Bank is out to hunt down Igbo millionaires which I will soon join the league. Innoson's incident has proven your employers evil against us...". I stated as she interrupted quickly.

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"...but sir the issue is personal and our management will handle the issue well. GTB is poise to serve you better. Our customers are highly respected and you are part of our respected customer". She attempted to convinced me.

"That is good. You have just done why you are paid by your evil igbophobic Bank. Well because you have proven to be a good staff, I will not bore you with the account closing processes, I will do it myself while you take the feedback to your evil employers".

I brought my phone, transferred all the money to my non GTB accounts. I stood up, smiled at her and said, "that is what it means to toy with Biafrans".
Not knowing that others cueing behind me were Umuchineke who came for the same purpose. All I could hear was "give me my money and close the account".

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Say no to GTBANK


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