Sunday, 24 December 2017

"No woman should be demeaned with such vulgar slurs," says past pageant winner Gretchen Carlson

Mallory Hagan was mocked in the emails over her appearance and sex life
-The emails were disparaging about the appearance, sex lives and intelligence of past winners.

-The messages were sent from and to chief executive Sam Haskell and have already cost the organisation its television partner.

-In the emails, the appearance and sex life of Miss America 2013, Mallory Hagan, were mocked.

Kate Shindle has written a book critical of the Miss America Organisation

Following the death of another Miss America, a former writer on the show wrote that he wished it had been 1998 winner Kate Shindle instead. In his response to that message, Mr Haskell indicated it had made him laugh.

In addition, Mr Haskell wrote about tactics that would drive 1989 winner Gretchen Carlson "insane".

The Huffington Post, which said it had got the emails from two sources, reported that Ms Carlson had clashed with Mr Haskell and other pageant officials over her desire to modernise the organisation.

Ms Shindle, who has written a book which is critical of the Miss America Organisation, said on Twitter that the content of the emails made her "physically ill".

No woman should be demeaned with such vulgar slurs," Ms Carlson said.

In statements prior to the leadership resigning, the Miss America Organisation said Mr Haskell had apologised and that the matter was closed.

But after past winners signed a petition calling for resignations, the suspended Mr Haskell resigned along with president Josh Randle and chairman Lynn Weidner.

There remains a question mark over the pageant's future on TV.

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